The scots pine

With my red trunk and blue foliage, I am the most beautiful pine in Europe. A tireless explorer, I can be found from the Gaelic land on the edge of the Urals, from the endless Siberian forests to the Andalusian Cordilleras.

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The plane tree

My leaf is webbed like a blessing hand, my fruit is a ball swollen with fertile seeds like an ovary, one can find refuge and consolation in the hollow of my trunk or in the shade of my branches.

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The poplar tree

I follow the long silhouette, the sinister flame lined up along the roads like a procession of convicts. Elegant spindle ill-treated by the rains and gusts of wind that scatter my seeds.

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The yew tree

Je suis le compagnon des hommes depuis des siècles mais notre relation est très particulière. Je veille sur les tombes de leurs aïeux, sombre vigie immobile, ombrageux esprits de leurs ancêtres.

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