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On the road to eco-citizenship, next episode...

This is the second year in a row that my class has taken part in the Ma Petite Planète (my little planet) Challenge.

Obviously this is just one of way for me, to continue, year after year, the greening of my pupils by encouraging them to preserve a certain balance on our beautiful blue planet.

These challenges have a particularity; they allow me to involve parents in the adventure of the little hummingbirds, hopefully, in a playful way.

What is this competition about? Because yes, it IS a competition that lasts three weeks. This year there were 573 primary school classes registered and they completed 191 037 challenges! There are several types of challenges that include different fields of action and change according to the age of the pupils. This year for primary schools those were focusing on food, biodiversity, waste/DIY, energy and resources, mobility, solidarity. The challenges range from finishing your plate, to hugging a tree, to talking about your participation around you, to evenings without screens...

Please have a look at their website to find out more.

As for me, I will now hand over to my students and their parents because clearly they are the ones who speak the best about the experience they had.

“I really enjoyed the challenges. My favourite part of Ma Petite Planète was hugging a big tree with Izia! And also I enjoyed baking cakes without chocolate.” Emilie

“I liked doing the challenges and participating in the well-being of the planet. I prefered the zero waste challenge, in which I finished my plate, which I still do. The hardest challenge was the no screen day or evening. I didn't manage to last more than two hours.” Sasha.

“I really enjoyed these challenges. They made me discover how beautiful nature is and that it should be protected. I observed the behaviour of a crow. I really enjoyed making a herbarium. I would like to create a sign in my village to say that cigarette butts should not be thrown on the ground.” Léontine

“I preferred making the poster because I had to think, draw and apply myself. I found it difficult to invent a decoration out of recycled materials.” Line

“My favourite challenge was to finish my plate because I'm a foodie.” Lucas

“I enjoyed collecting rubbish in nature and sorting it. I continue to sort waste at home.” Eden

 “I liked the tree hug and the sports challenge. I pay attention to nature.” Naël

 “Taking action to preserve our planet has been a rewarding experience. Our son had a lot of fun and we continue to do things like turning off the lights when leaving a room.” Lucas' mother

“I discovered the ecological challenges proposed by Ma Petite Planète this year through my son's Year 2 teacher. Sensitive to our ecological footprint, we immediately "got into the game" to carry out several challenges. The whole family got involved: my son first, then me, his mum, then his grandmother and grandfather, and even his great-grandmother! We have thus been able to adopt new ecological reflexes that we will continue to apply in our daily lives in order to preserve the environment.” Sandy, Eden's mother

“At first dubious, we quickly took a liking to Ma Petite Planète's challenges. On a daily basis, we try to make our children aware of the ecological issues (turning off the lights when leaving the rooms, not wasting, respecting nature, cooking ourselves...) but with MPP, taking up the environmental challenges of tomorrow immediately became fun, with the added bonus of the competition. It was an opportunity to share with Line a specific time of reflection on the small gestures of daily life at home and our relationship with nature outside. All in all, it was with enthusiasm that we participated in the MPP challenges.” Line's mother

“We really enjoyed taking part in these challenges as a family because we are very sensitive to the environmental cause.” Valentin's mother

“I liked some of the challenges because it was a change from everyday life (hugging a tree for example)”. Basile, Valentin's brother

“Raising awareness through action is an excellent initiative. We had a lot of fun doing these everyday challenges”. Valentin's father

“We thought it was great. We had a lot of fun with the different challenges. Evan loved it, he put his heart into it.” Evan's mum.

See you soon for the next adventure of the first graders of Jury school, year 2022/2023.

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