Picto biodiversity

Retrouvez ici tous nos dossiers autour de la biodiversité pour tout savoir sur l’extinction des espéces, les arbres, les envahisseurs et nos amis les plantes.

The IPBES report published in May 2019 states that 75% of terrestrial and 66% of marine environments are " severely altered". One million animal and plant species - out of 8 million known - are threatened with extinction.

In the latest edition of the Global Red List (version 2014.2), of the 74106 species studied, 22176 are classified as threatened.

There is an African proverb that says, "He who has planted a tree has not lived in vain."

Yale University's Thomas Crowther's team conducted a satellite inventory in 2015 : The planet has 816 billion trees

"Look for a tree and let it teach you calm " Eckhart Tolle

Selon l’UICN (Union internationale pour la conservation de la nature)

« Une espèce exotique envahissante est une espèce allochtone dont l’introduction par l’homme, l’implantation et la propagation menacent les écosystèmes. »

Dans l’herboristerie de grand-mère : les plantes médicinales c’est quoi ?

« It is the poetry of drawers. They are the same plants that heal and perfume, that calm and color... »

Frédérique Soulard (Belles de Bitume)

Champ de reines des prés


Filipendula ulmaria Ulmaire , vignette, Herbe aux abeilles, Grande Potentille, Barbe de Chèvre, Ornière,  Ormère, Pied de Boue Famille : rosacées Article et photos de

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Vieux gingko

Ginkgo biloba

I come from the mists of time, I have survived all the tumults, all the cataclysms, all the horrors.
I am a botanical enigma, a sublime solitude, a miracle.

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Forêt de pins sylvestre

The scots pine

With my red trunk and blue foliage, I am the most beautiful pine in Europe.
Explorateur infatigable, on me trouve de la terre Gaélique aux confins de l’Oural, des interminables forêts sibériennes aux cordillères d’Andalousie.

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Grand platane

The plane tree

My leaf is webbed like a blessing hand, my fruit is a ball swollen with fertile seeds like an ovary, one can find refuge and consolation in the hollow of my trunk or in the shade of my branches.

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Forêt de sapins rochers

The pectinated fir tree

I am the tree of traditions, of warm family vigils, of the feverish impatience of the children and of the glittering balls in which the candles are reflected.

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Alignement de peupliers

The poplar tree

I follow the long silhouette, the sinister flame lined up along the roads like a procession of convicts. Elegant spindle ill-treated by the rains and gusts of wind that scatter my seeds.

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Un mélèze sur montagne

The larch tree

I sprinkle the slopes of the mountains with gold, dressing their autumn in a sumptuous mantle, before raining down my soft and supple needles when the frosts of winter come.

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