Green picto trees

Un proverbe Africain dit : « Qui a planté un arbre n’a pas vécu inutilement. »

L’équipe de Thomas Crowther, de l’université de Yale a effectué un inventaire par satellite en 2015 : La planète compte 816 milliards d’arbres dont

  • 26,8 % en Europe (dont 0,4 % en France)
  • 20,4 % en Amérique du Sud
  • 18 % en Amérique du Nord
  • 13,3 % en Asie
  • 15 % en Afrique
  • 3,8 % en Océanie

« Cherche un arbre et laisse lui t’apprendre le calme »
Eckhart Tolle

Vieux gingko

Ginkgo biloba

I come from the mists of time, I have survived all the tumults, all the cataclysms, all the horrors.
I am a botanical enigma, a sublime solitude, a miracle.

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Forêt de pins sylvestre

The scots pine

With my red trunk and blue foliage, I am the most beautiful pine in Europe.
Explorateur infatigable, on me trouve de la terre Gaélique aux confins de l’Oural, des interminables forêts sibériennes aux cordillères d’Andalousie.

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Grand platane

The plane tree

My leaf is webbed like a blessing hand, my fruit is a ball swollen with fertile seeds like an ovary, one can find refuge and consolation in the hollow of my trunk or in the shade of my branches.

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Forêt de sapins rochers

The pectinated fir tree

I am the tree of traditions, of warm family vigils, of the feverish impatience of the children and of the glittering balls in which the candles are reflected.

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Alignement de peupliers

The poplar tree

I follow the long silhouette, the sinister flame lined up along the roads like a procession of convicts. Elegant spindle ill-treated by the rains and gusts of wind that scatter my seeds.

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Un mélèze sur montagne

The larch tree

I sprinkle the slopes of the mountains with gold, dressing their autumn in a sumptuous mantle, before raining down my soft and supple needles when the frosts of winter come.

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Grand frêne

The ash tree

I'm a little lazy, yet I'm found everywhere in the hands of the workers: in the handles of their shovels, rakes or axes.

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