What are labels for?

Have you noticed? Shopping today is no longer trivial! You would almost have to carry an index to choose between all the variations of the same product...

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Is green growth a mirage?

As the Covid crisis comes to an end, as people get on with their lives, and as many environmental activists reflect on the "World After", the LITTLE were moved to learn of the failure of a start up they were following with interest?

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White roofs

The Little are young people from all over the world, many of whom live in hot countries.
And they are familiar with the practice of liming walls and terraces, as in Greece. Intended to sanitize and refresh houses, the practice is as old as the world.
The practice of white roofs has become fashionable in the northern hemisphere over the last twenty years. So? Useful? Effective? Not everyone seems to have the same opinion... And so... The Little investigate...

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And if plastic could be eaten...

On March 30, several media outlets announced with fanfare that German scientists have identified a strain of bacteria capable of promoting the degradation of certain polyurethane-based plastics.

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The water engine

Have you noticed? Every time the media run out of news, they bring up climate themes, with nice dolphins, inventors a little to the west, and ideas for a better world... And regularly, like a siren song, between urban legend and two penny utopia, we are told about the famous WATER ENGINE...

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Bamboo cutlery, danger?

Since the alert launched by 60 million consumers on January 27, 2020, all the media in France and everywhere else have been reporting the information: the much-popular bamboo tableware would be toxic!

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