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Salut ! Je m’appelle Massillias FERHANI, j’ai 14 ans et je suis Algérien. Je suis passionné par la préhistoire, les mythologies, la biologie et la géologie.

Je pense qu’on parle de plus en plus de la protection de notre environnement ces dernières années, cependant les volontaires qui participent à la reconstitution d’une planète moins polluée sont peu nombreux.

Humans must question their practices which threaten animals and/or plants species to be wiped out. Moreover, the creation of a healthier environment would be beneficial for future generations. In my opinion, we must promote sustainable development by preserving natural resources, such as water in the groundwater, and by using renewable energies (e.g. solar and wind power) instead of fossil fuels, instead of wasting them .

These changes are not only essential for our own development, but also beneficial for the development of animal and plant species. Today, more than a third of all species are endangered, and tens of thousands of them disappear every year, and this will have repercussions on human life. Remove a single species from its environment, and it will cause a series of disappearances until the collapse of an entire ecosystem

But the question remains. How do we replace the fossil fuels on which so many people depend on? The answer is simple. To replace all electrical energy with solar or wind power. And as for cars, some scientists want to run them on algae oil, a completely ecological solution.