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Hello, my name is Hugo, I'm 11 years old and I was born in New York, in the USA. I now live in Normandy, France, and I'm in Year 6.

J’ai vécu 8 ans à New York. Ce qui m’a sensibilisé à l’écologie, le plus choquant a été de voir plein de déchets sur le sol.

When I was 8, I sent a letter to the President of the Republic of France with several ideas to save the planet, including the provision of electric scooters and bicycles to the citizens.

After I came back from the United States because of the virus in July 2020, I've decided to act for the environment so I became an ambassador and I encourage you to become one too.

Every time I go for a walk I try to pick up litter with my family. I think there are way too much!!! STOP WASTE AND PACKAGING!!! We need to raise awareness again and again so that people don't throw any more waste into the environment.

Today, swing into action with other young people helps me to raise my voice to raise awareness among all generations in order to protect our planet. We are stronger together than alone.

Here is my latest awareness-raising video, I hope you like it.

Let's save the planet together!