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I am Enoch, I am 13 years old and I am in Year 9 at the Lycée Municipal Somone Ehivet in Yopougon.
I live in the largest commune in Ivory Coast and it's called Yopougon.

My home village is called Kouassikoussikro. It is located in the centre of Ivory Coast in the department of Bocanda which is a small town. In my village, my grandparents have been farming for several centuries.
Yam, plantain and cassava are the main crops used to make the main dishes such as foutou, attiéké and many others.

For a long time, my weekends, my free time, my holidays were only animated by the life in the Church and stays in the village to better know my grandparents and the life of the villagers.
Depuis le mois de novembre 2018, j’ai fait la connaissance des 2 membres de l’ONG Empreinte Verte & Solidarité. Après mes petites enquêtes je me suis rendu compte qu’ils étaient des amis de ma maman et sans hésitation j’ai voulu en savoir plus sur ce qu’ils font. De leurs explications a pris forme cette envie en moi d’apporter un plus aux populations, d’autant que je voyais que le cadre de vie dans mon village était très souvent dégradé. A partir de ma motivation à vouloir mener des actions positives à long terme pour garder notre environnement sain, j’ai tout mis en œuvre pour faire partie de leur équipe.

Since then, we have carried out some actions together among the population to raise awareness and above all to bring everyone, children like me and adults, to change the bad behaviours that pollute or degrade the environment.
I made a video with some friends in which we showed the actions carried out by our elders on a project called the Projet d’Assainissement Total d’Azito (PATA).
In this video, we highlighted both the progress made in environmental preservation and the major challenges still that remain in terms of sanitation and hygiene.

In a few months, in the field activities are planned during which my other comrades from the NGO EVSand Iwill sensitise hundreds of people on eco-actions and especially on the dangers of open defecation and several other subjects. We will take action in villages, schools and markets in rural areas and in disadvantaged neighbourhoods of big cities.
I am now more than passionate and motivated to make a difference in achieving the UN's Goals to Transform Our World. The subjects I like to speak out on the most are issues related to sanitation, hygiene, water, waste management and the fight against open defecation.
My dream today is that all children in Ivory Coast and throughout the world live and grow up in a healthy and friendly environment without pollution and without degradation of the living environment of humans and animals