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Hello, my name is Emma, I am 17 years old and I have been a pesco-vegetarian (I don't eat meat any more but still fish) for about 3 years.

I live in the countryside in the North of France near Valenciennes. Since I was a little girl I have been attracted to nature and animals. This environment has always had a calming effect on me and has allowed me to open my eyes to certain things, notably the importance and involvement of living beings on our planet. At my school, with another ambassador, Garance, we carry out different actions such as awareness-raising games or zero waste workshops with the youngest.

Today more than ever, we feel drowned in a situation that is beyond us and we feel powerless in the face of the incomprehension and insensitivity of those whom we consider to be of the same species. Too many people are in denial about the climate emergency. Too many of us still think that global warming is not dangerous and that it will only affect the Earth and not its inhabitants, humans. We are mistaken and are heading straight for a wall where there is no turning back. Humanity is the only species that has managed to destroy itself while dragging an entire planet down with it.

Les scientifiques essayent pourtant de nous prévenir, que les catastrophes dites « naturelles » seront plus fréquentes et meurtrières comme par exemple les feux de forêt qui seront de plus en plus nombreux et destructeurs. Environ 250 millions de réfugiés climatiques sont attendus d’ici 2050, comment allons-nous aider tous ces enfants, ces femmes et ces hommes sachant que le niveau de pauvreté éclatera d’ici 2030 ? La sécheresse, les pénuries d’eau, la montée des océans, la famine, l’extinction de la plupart des animaux, les canicules, les maladies, les guerres… voilà ce qui nous attend si nous n’agissons pas dès aujourd’hui.

So yes, we have planned everything, but we are not ready for such a climate crisis that will spare no one. We need to make as much noise as possible, to take as much action as possible, even if it seems pointless. We may be a drop in the ocean, but we are all part of the ocean. It is together that we can change mentalities for a better future, or even a future at all. I am becoming an ambassador for little citizens for climate to raise awareness among the many people who prefer to close their eyes, to defend the causes that I believe are right and, above all, to act to defend our planet.